The Empress of Otherworld

By Corey Michael Dalton and Bryland Sutton


When recently orphaned Hap awakens on his 11th birthday to find that his 104-year-old Great Aunt Benny has forgotten all about his special day, he is hurt. Hurt and angry. So, he decides to explore the one part of her gigantic, rickety, old house that is off limits to him—the Colonel’s Study. In that attic room he sets off a trapdoor that drops him into Otherworld, a fantastic realm made up of countries including Oz, Neverland, and Wonderland. In this strange new world Hap must join forces with three super-powered kids—Dorothy Gale, Peter Pan, and Alice Liddell—to overthrow Prospera, the ruthless Empress of Otherworld. As Hap and his new friends fight their way through spider-vultures, trollsons, and the shadowy assassin Peter Panic, he discovers a possible (but dangerous) way home as well as clues to unlocking his very own super-power.

Blizzard On The Plains

By Heather Kauffman-Peters


On January 12, 1888, the people of the Dakota territory were enjoying an unusually warm day, the first break from the cold and snow they’d had in weeks. Children walked to school and homesteaders did chores completely unaware of the life-changing event that was about to unfold…

That morning, new immigrants Carl and Carrie arrived at their one-room school house. Carrie was eager to practice English while Carl secretly plotted to return to Norway and leave America and its hardships far behind. He’d been attacked by a wolf, bullied by a classmate, and over-worked by his father who’d insisted Carl help carve the family’s new farm out of the tough prairie sod. But, soon, 14-year-old Carl would face something far worse – the deadliest blizzard in U.S. history.